When the Thursday sale is finished and you are ready to create the Post Sale event. Please follow the instructions as shown below. Please make sure your normal Thursday sale is finished before proceeding.

Log in to AMT v2

Select - Lot Menu

Select - Copy/Clear Cars for sale

Select - Copy unsold units from one sale to another

In the date box, enter the date for the Thursday sale in the Copy units from and the date for Friday sale in the Copy units To box.

Select the: Do It button. This action will move all unsold units from Thursday (live sale) to the  Friday (post sale) with same run numbers intact

Next, go to AWG event manager in Auction Master v2 (you do not have to stop the AWG APU, leave it running) 

Select Web Services Menu from the Auction Master Main Menu

Next select AWG Event Manager

This will open the AWG Event Manager dialogue window.

 Select re-run event wizard. 

Enter last Friday’s date for Old Sale.

New Sale enter upcoming Friday date click in White box, select event to rerun, click go. This will create new Post sale event.

Go to Live Sale Event, Thursday sale. Event general info, edit, change live start date, live start time and end time date to previous date. Basically set one day back. AWG will end the sale.

This will end the Thursday event in AWG. Once you are finished with the Thursday sale, when you are done for the day on Thursday you will make these changes.

Go to AWG event manager, click Post Sale event, select last weeks post event sale, select run event wizard, old sale, last week’s Friday sale, new event this week’s Friday sale. Click post sale event in box, click GO. This will create a new one. This can only be created a week at the time.

Exit and reopen the Auction Master Event Manager so that the event shows up. 

Now that the post sale event is created, select Event General info, select edit, put date in title to show the difference. Start time set for Thursday, Live Start time set for Thursday as well, End time to be set for Monday. Set start times to a time that is past so the event starts. In the sale and lane selection make sure that you have the Friday sale date selected. Select SAVE. Popup asks Do you want to update AWG now? You can select yes or wait for the APU to run it’s next cycle (every 10 minutes) Once you hit YES and push it through, your Thursday event will be ended and the Post Sale event will be started. Cars will be up and ready to buy.

NOTE: When you do this there might be cars out on an IF. On Friday if those cars are now unsold you can rerun the the Copy Unsold Units from one sale to another in AMT with the new Friday sale date and AMT will send up the unsold units to AWG to the correct event.