The Browse and Adjust Invoices module, also known as the A/R Manager, allows the user to search, edit, and create Invoice entries for a specified customer. The list on the left will show all "open" invoices with a non-zero balance.


Invoices in this module can be searched by Dealer Number, Invoice Reference Number, or Dollar Amounts (though this is inadvisable as it will provide results that include that dollar amount in any field). 


Editing an Invoice

To Edit an Invoice select an invoice and the edit box will populate. The option to void the charge is at the top of the edit A/R window. To change the amount simply enter the new amount in the Amount field. Once you have completed the changes select Update.

Once you have selected Update the system will display the new Amount as well as the Adjustment in the Line Items Section

Creating Invoices

To create a new invoice click New A/R. Then select the Dealer this invoice this is for, enter the amount, and an Invoice Description - then click save. 

After selecting Save you will navigate to the bottom of the screen and select New A/R Line. Select a QuickCode and the account number will automatically populate. Enter an Amount and a Description then Save.