The Site Navigation Administration module is responsible for the layout and listings of all modules and reports shown on the dashboard. The module is used primarily by the IAS development team. Although you may never need to use this module, as it should be set up during the initial configuration of your system, it may help to put the power of this module in the hands of the auction as the business evolves and its needs change. 

If this module is not visible to you your system is already configured and no changes should be made. If it becomes absolutely necessary, however, the module can be accessed by navigating to your Auction's v3 and typing the URL in the address bar of the browser: "/Administration/Navigation". 

Hiding/Disabling A Module or Report

To find a specific module, use the search boxes at the top of the table. Merely select from the dropdowns, the Type and/or Module, as well as typing in the Page or Title input boxes for a list of results. 

You can also choose to show all active/inactive and visible/invisible modules and reports as well.


Try finding the Car Returns Utility module by selecting "Accounting" in the Module dropdown, and entering "Car Return" in the page box. The input box search options must be spelled exactly as the name of the page you are searching. It does not work with partial word searches. 

Hiding/Disabling A Module or Report

To hide a module or report simply find the item in the table below and deselect the "Visible" Option 

Accessing a Hidden/Inactive Module

A hidden module is still accessible by searching the module name in the search bar at the top.

To disallow the module to be accessed in this manner, uncheck the "Active" option.

It is still possible to access a hidden or inactive module by navigating the URL housing the module. In this example, "/Accounting/CarReturn" will take you to the Car Return Utility even if it is hidden and/or inactive.  

You can also use your "Favorites" or "Recents" to navigate to the module as well. 

Adding a New Category

In the event that you require a new module or report to appear on your dashboard, you will first need to know what it is you wish to add, and then find it in the table. Begin by clicking the "+Open New Navigation" button. 

Title the page as you wish and set the page to be active and visible.