The "Badge Printing and Attendance" module is used to print badges for bidders - whether used to bid or simply to have access to the auction's floors and blocks.

Printing Badges

Starting Off

When you first open the Badge Printing and Attendance module, you will be prompted to select the sale day for which to print badges. Once entered, you will see a list of all dealership reps.

The search bar can find a bidder name, rep ID, dealership, etc. You can also search the barcode or QR code of an AuctionACCESS ID card using the scan button to the right of the search bar. 

Once you have found the bidder you wish to print a badge for, there are a few options you can use:

Print Badge: Will print a badge for the bidder using the dealership listed in the header of the bidder's information card. This is typically that bidder's primary dealership.

Multiple: Will allow the user to print bid badges for other dealerships or print multiple badges for multiple dealerships the bidder represents.

Guest: Will allow the user to print a Guest badge for access to the auction and blocks, but the bidder will be unable to bid with a guest badge.

Messages: The messages section at the top right will show any pertinent notes regarding the bidder and his/her (in)ability to bid.