Within this Module we will go over how you will set a specific Quick Code to post automatically as well as how to Delete one.

Upon entering the module all set Auto Post's will show to the left of the screen. 

Creating A New Auto Post Quick Code

To Setup a new Auto Post you will select "Open New Auto Post" 

   Select the "Comp No" who this Post will be automatic for either a specific dealer or All

   Select "Event" when this charge will be added

   Enter the Description of this charge 

   Select the "Quick Code" that you are creating this Auto Post for

If this Auto Post is going to have a different amount charged than what is associated with the Quick Code you will enter it in the "Amount Override" section. If the Auto Post is for the same amount as the quick code has set you will leave that section blank click SAVE

Deleting Auto Posts

Once you have selected the Auto Post you desire to Delete you will than select "delete from the top of the screen.