The Counter Checkout module is used to check out dealers at the counter. This facilitates payments, processing deposits, holds, floor plan payments, and titles processing on outstanding receivables and units.


Title Drop-Off

The first title-related process to occur is the Title Drop-Off. When a seller has brought units to sell at the auction, they must present titles according to that auction's requirements. Select a dealer and click "Title Drop Off", then fill in the requested information. 

Last 4-6 of VIN: Manually enter the last 4 to 6 digits of the VIN. 

Title Name: Not required, but this is the title of the document being saved and can simply be labeled as "Title". 

Vehicle: This is the Year, Make, and Model of the unit. If the vehicle exists in inventory prior to dropping the title off, this should pre-fill automatically. 

Miles: The mileage of the unit. If the vehicle exists in inventory prior to dropping the title off, this should pre-fill automatically. 

Title Posted: This is the date the title is to reflect being posted to the unit.

Title State: This is the state authorizing the title and should be displayed on the title itself.

Title Number: The title ID number displayed on the title itself.

Title Notes: Enter any notes regarding the title here, such as updates, salvage, total loss, TMU, etc. 

Title Status: This is the status of the title being posted and is not a required field.

        None - This is the default status. 

        In Hand - You have the title on-hand.

        Out for Processing - In regards to floor plans, the title is processed through the lender. 

        Not Received - You do not have the title.

        Released - Title has been handed out to buyer/seller.

        No Title On Sale - The unit has no title and may be "bill of sale" only. 

Bad Title: If the seller is not the owner listed on the unit or the title has not been properly processed to display the seller as the owner.

Clear Title: This button will clear the selected title.

Save: Saves the information entered into the fields above. 

Cancel: Cancels the progress of the title information entered into the fields above.

Title Pickup

When a buyer or seller is picking up a title for a vehicle they own or represent, you can navigate to "Title Pickup". From here, either scan the title receipt from the title being dropped off, or enter the VIN of the unit for which the title is being picked up. 

The vehicle field should populate automatically and related notes can be entered in the notes field. You can enter the runner's name, the tracking number if it is being mailed out, etc. 

Click "Release Title", and the title should reflect as being picked up.