The "Dealer History/Statistics" module allows you to view the history and statistics of a selected dealer. Each section has two tabs that allow you to swap between the dealer's buying and selling statistics (right hand side of each section).

Seller/Buyer Statistics

Each section will show the lifetime (Life), Year-to-Day (YTD), Balances, and Arbitration (Arb) statistics for a selected dealer. To display the statistics, select an appropriate dealer from the "Dealer" dropdown at the top. Once selected, all fields in this page will populate. 

You can navigate between the buyer and seller data points by selecting the "buyer" or "seller" tabs at the top right of each category. 

Other Information and Reports


Clicking the "NSF's" button will take you to the NSF Report for the selected Dealer. 

Customer A/R

Clicking the "Customer A/R" button will take you the Statement of Accounts Receivable for the selected dealer. 

Car Account A/R

Clicking the "Car Account A/R" button will take you to the "Uncleared Deals" report for the selected dealer.

Floor Plan A/R

Clicking the "Floor Plan A/R" button will take you to the Statement of Floor Plan Receivable report for the selected dealer. 


Clicking the "History" button will take you to the Research Report for the dealer selected.