The "Post Comments" module will allow you to attach comments or notes to an outstanding draft. This simple module only requires the user to know the Control Number of a deal.

Posting a Comment

To post a comment, first click the Control Number input box and enter the control number you wish to find. Once entered, press TAB on your keyboard and the grey fields in the module will autofill. Click the comments box and enter your comments. If you need more space to read the comments, you can click and drag the lower right hand corner of the Comments input field to expand it. 

When you have entered your comments, and are satisfied with its contents, click OK. 

Searching Comments

To search for comments posted here, merely enter the Control Number of the deal and press TAB on your keyboard. Any comments listed below are preserved to the unit and can be edited or removed. Simply make the changes you wish and click OK to save those changes.