The Account Code Table module is where your auction will set the account codes for your auction's accounting operations. Typically, these account codes are created and configured by the auction's accounting personnel and are intended to match the account codes within your auction's accounting software.



The records in the Account Code Table can be searched by the Account Code or Description. 

Hide Navigation Panel

The button with the arrows pointing left and right will hide the left side navigation panel. 

Create New Account

This button will start the process of creating a new account code. This will be explained further in the next section. 


This will delete the selected and active Account Code

Validate Codes

This button will... I have no idea what it does.


This button will... I have no idea what it does.

Navigate Records

These buttons will navigate to the next or previous account code. 


This will save the currently selected Account Code. If changes are made to an account code, it is recommended to Save your work before navigating to another code to make changes.