The "Printer Setup" or "Manage Printers" module is used to add or modify all types of printers. Printers should appear here automatically - but if they don't, they can be added easily. 

To add a printer, first click "+New Printer" (pictured below).

A window will open (pictured below) requiring a Printer Name, Printer UNC, and Alternate Printer.

Printer Name - this information can be found in the "Devices and Printers" section of any PC, or on a sticker attached to the printer.

Printer UNC - this field is the exact same as printer name. 

Alternate Printer - an alternate printer is used as a backup if the primary printer fails. One can be selected from the dropdown menu, or you can enter 0 for no backup.

Printer Name, Printer UNC, and Alternate Printer are the only fields required - all of the other fields are unnecessary. After filling out the three required fields, click save at the top of the window.