The inspections module allows users to create, view, edit, and/or close inspection requests on vehicles. These can be Post-Sale Inspections, Pre-Sale Certifications, etc. Additionally, you can configure the type of inspection you typically complete. This module is especially helpful with certifications or requirements set by specific sellers.

For example: When a seller requires a specific type of inspection to be completed on their units, you can set the type of inspection, inspect the vehicle, and charge the seller for the inspection if applicable. This will certify the vehicle as inspected and ensure that no arbitrations can be claimed unless a buyer observes something arbitrable that was missed. 



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Show/Hide Table

The icon on the navigation bar connecting the two arrows will show or hide the Inspection Table.


This button will refresh the list of inspections matching the selected filter.

Open New Auction Warranty

This button will create a new inspection request. See the next section for more information. 

Next/Previous Record

These buttons will move forward or backward to the next or previous record respectfully. This can be helpful when trying to navigate between recent inspection requests.

New Inspections

Creating New Inspections

To create a new inspection, click the "Open New Auction Warranty" Button. Select the unit in inventory by clicking the "Inventory" button and searching the inventory cards for the unit you wish to complete an inspection for. 

If the unit is assigned to a lot number, the sale date and lot number will be prefilled automatically. Select the Inspection you wish to complete, who is completing the inspection, and then, who requested the inspection. Add any inspection notes that pertain to the inspection, and click save.

Reviewing Inspections

Above the left navigational panel, there are filters available that make reviewing inspections much easier to manager. By selecting the inspection status, only those matching the filter will be show in the table below. 

Condition Reporting

When editing an inspection, you can complete an official condition report within the Unit Information section, using the Condition tab. All inspections open a condition report ID by default but will be blank until filled out. 

For more information on Condition Reports, please see the Condition Reports article.

Closing Inspections

Inspections can be closed by viewing the Details section of the inspection, under the Sales Order Info tab. At the bottom, click "New Update" and select the option that you wish:

New Inspection Types

Creating New Inspection Types

To create new inspection types, click the Options/Setup button near the top of the page. This will allow you to select options based on the inspection(s) you are performing. To create a new CR type, click the "Inspection Setup" button. 

In the Detail Configuration section, click "New Inspection Type". Here, you will name the Inspection, select the Fees Type if applicable, the report form you wish to use, the QuickCode configured for these types of inspections, and the price of the inspection, if applicable.