In this module you will have the ability to assign lot number to inventory that is already in the system. You have the ability to look up vehicles by the Vin, Stock Number, or Old Lot Number as well as the ability to see and use the reservations assigned for the dealer.

Selecting Vehicle

Sale Date

First, click "Select New Sale Date" to see available lot numbers for a specified Sale.

Next, enter the Last 6 of the VIN, up to the Full VIN, or click Search to select a specific unit. You can also search for units using the Comp ID/Stock number, or previously assigned Lot Numbers. 

Finally, enter the desired Lot Number to assign the selected unit or click the "Reservations" button to see a listing of reservations. This button will open the "Reserved Numbering System" module. Please see that article for more information.

Additionally, the setup section will allow you to perform other actions when the unit is assigned.

AutoLot: When a specified lot number is selected, if it already taken, the system will search for the next number in sequence and assign it automatically. Typically, this can be done by Lot Designation anyway by entering the designation but leaving the position blank, and pressing TAB in the Lot No field. 

PrintTicket: Select whether to print consignor ticket and lot tag upon clicking save. 

Pinter: This is the selected printer that tickets will be sent to.