The "Edit Reservations" module allows users to view, add, move, or delete lot reservations.  


Adding Reservations

To Begin...

When you first open the module, you will be prompted to verify which sale date you wish to work with. Select the correct sale day, and you will see a list of lot numbers pertaining to the event in question. Some may reserved, used, unused, unreserved, etc. See the color key at the bottom for more information on this. 

To create a new reservation, click the "New Lot Reservation" button. 

The Sale Date should be pre-filled. If it is not, re-select it using the calendar icon on the right. 

Search the dealer number you are reserving lot numbers for, the starting number for the reservation, and the ending number, and finally, who asked for this reservation to be made. 

Enter any notes pertaining to the reservation as you wish in the "ReservationNote" field. When completed, click "New Save". You will then be redirected to the table and able to see the newly created reservations. 

Moving Reservations


To delete any reservation, simply click on the Lot Number, and click Delete on the following screen.

Sliding Reservations

To move reservations, select all reservations you wish to move, select the number of spaces to move then, then click on Slide Down or Pull Up to move those units up or down within the list.

Note: This will not let you overwrite or pass-through existing reservations or used lots.