Welcome to the Dashboard. This page lists all of the modules and reports that your company has selected to appear and will show you, the user, only what you have been given permission to view through your role with the company. It is organized first by Modules and Reports. Then, it is separated into categories to which the module or report belongs. You can navigate the dashboard by finding the module/report name on this page, using CTRL+F or searching a module or report in the search box, and then clicking the magnifying glass.

Database and Workstation Selection
After logging in, you will notice some information and dropdowns at the top, located under the IAS Auction Master logo. The first dropdown arrow determines the database that you are accessing and working from (see red box in picture below). Most auctions will have a Training database for testing and training new employees as well as a Live Data database for their actual data. Please ensure that your correct Database and Workstation are selected. If the incorrect database is selected, you will be accessing and manipulating data that is inconsequential to your actual live data and statistics.

The second arrow is the workstation. Your workstation will determine which modules you have access to as well as which printers are available to you (i.e. Titles, Receipts, Checks, and other Reports). 

The "?" button is used primarily by IAS staff for various configurations.

The "Settings" button displays the currently known printers. This feature will rarely be used. 

On each page, there should be a "print" icon that will allow you to print the page as if you pressed CTRL+P. Please use CTRL+P to print the page. This does not apply to report modules that will allow you to print the report PDFs without the webpage information in the header/footer of the print. 

Back to Dashboard

Throughout Auction Master Online, you can return to the dashboard at any time by clicking on the IAS Auction Master logo located at the top left of the page.


On each page, there is an outline of a heart symbol, located near the top right of each report and module page. If the page is saved to your favorites, the heart will be filled in and red. It will also then be added to your list of "favorites" which can be accessed from any other page by clicking on "favorites" and then the page you have added to that list.


As you visit different pages and reports, those pages will be added to your list of "Recents". If you need to navigate back to a page you previously visited, you can click "Recents" at the top left next to the logo and click the corresponding page name within that list. This will then navigate you back to that page.


Alternatively, you can also navigate the dashboard by clicking on the "Show Menu" tab at the top right of the page. This will drop an alternate menu that you can also navigate through if you prefer.

Throughout Auction Master, you will see the following icon, resembling an eraser with a green plus. 

This icon will display "inactive" records, or records that have been hidden, such as deleted dealerships, groups, inventory, etc. Auction Master retains deleted information to avoid accidental deletion and lost information or data. However, this data is then able to be retrieved using the eraser icon.