CoRe is available only on iOS at


The IAS CoRe application is used to stock inventory into an auction's database. It is capable of recording general information such as make, model, mileage, condition, and photos, as well as other more specific information regarding the inventory unit. This information is then sent to the database and tied to the inventory record of that unit.

Technical Operational Details

CoRe is a centralized application that forwards the user to the correct database depending on the login credentials provided at the time of login. When John Smith from Anywhere Auto Auction logs in using his username "aaajsmith", CoRe will first identify his username and password, and recognize that it belongs to the Anywhere Auto Auction. Core will then forward its connection to that auction's database and reverify the username and password locally to ensure that the user has continued permission to that database.

The actual CoRe database operates within an IIS website hosted locally on the server to whom the database belongs. We do not store this data or have access to it without authorization.

New Users

If you wish to add new users to your CoRe database, you must submit a ticket through our Support portal to complete this request. The user will first need added to our central directory and then added to your local directory. This must be completed by our support staff.