User Accounts

Creating Accounts

To create an account for use with the CoRe Application, please contact IAS Support through the support portal or by calling our support number 1-855-999-0303.

Our support staff will create CoRe accounts by request. Usernames will be prefixed with your Auction's abbreviation. Passwords must be 6 digits and must only include lowercase letters and numbers. Please have your proposed usernames and passwords at the time you make your request. 

Logging In

When you first open the CoRe app, you will load into the Login Page. Here, you will see the IAS logo and the current app version underneath. 

Merely enter your assigned Username and Password, and click Sign In. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can reach out to the responsible party at your auction to retrieve the lost credentials, or have them contact us to reset or resent those credentials.


Check-In Process

Once logged in, you will be able to enter new inventory (VIN) or search for existing inventory (Search). The VIN option, to check in new inventory, is selected by default. In the "Enter VIN" field, you can manually enter the VIN number or press the "Scan" button the right to open the camera of the tablet or device and scan the barcode of the VIN.

You can then select whether you wish to include Gatepassed and Redeemed units with the initial entry, or Pickup Logs if applicable. 

The next screen will then allow you to either enter the unit directly into a sale (Sale), or stock the unit into inventory without being assigned to the sale (Inventory). 

Select the Dealer Number in your system, and then select the sale date (Sale Option Only) that you will be assigning this unit to.

Once you have assigned the seller and the Sale, you will then begin to enter information regarding the vehicle, such as the Trim Package. This will then auto-fill information on the pages following. 

Vehicle Information

The main area of CoRe, responsible for recording the basic information and photos is broken up into sections. Each section, by default, will show a "Verify?" prompt at the right side of the category title. This can be disabled to save time if your auction wishes. However, the purpose of the Verify sections requires users to ensure they double check their work and do not accidentally advertise a vehicle with missing or incorrect information. 

Details - This is the basic vehicle details of the unit, such as Year, Make, Model, Trim, etc. This should have been entered in the previous pages. 
Information - This section records the Odometer value and type, Exterior and Interior colors of the unit, Interior Type, Wheels (if applicable), Fuel Level, and the number of keys included to be listed.

Equipment - This section allows the CoRe user to record the unit's equipment, such as, but not limited to; ABS Brakes, DVD Players, TCS, Airbag Options, Keyless Entry, etc. 

Optional - This section records the optional equipment to be listed with the unit.

Questions - This section records whether the unit has frame damage, an inoperable odometer, inoperative or non-drivable condition, and whether the unit has been reconditioned and ready for studio showing. 

Media - This is the photos section and will allow the CoRe user to take photos of the unit. Additionally, the user can add non-standard photos by scrolling down and entering the photos in the miscellaneous photos section. 

Condition - This section will allow the user to complete a condition report on the selected unit, enter notes regarding the vehicle's condition, and verify if the condition report has been completed. Please see the Condition Reports section of this guide for more information on this section. 

Additional - The additional section will allow the user to enter other information, possibly not required, to complete the listing of the inventory unit. 

Pricing - Will allow the user to set the Starting Bid, Reserve/Floor Price, and the Buy Now price of the unit. 

Condition Reports

Condition reports will allow you to further highlight damages, repairs, or adjustments to the vehicle that may affect overall pricing of the unit. This will also allow users to highlight the mechanical and body needs of the unit for the purpose of better cataloguing of the unit and information to the buyers. 

Additionally, Condition Reports can be used to benefit sellers of a unit and give them insight into what your auction can do to alleviate pricing challenges. 

The condition reports part of CoRe will allow the user to select areas of a vehicle where damage is present or where repairs are recommended or required. When an area is selected, the user can then specify where in that section the damage is, take photos of the damage, make recommendations on the damage (such as repairs, replacements, and/or repainting), and set the prices on those recommendations. Thus, highlighting the effective influences for the unit's pricing. 

Once the condition report is completed, you can tap on "Verify?" to the top right of the screen to ensure that everything required has been filled out and is ready to submit.