Recommended Uninstall Process

Control Panel

The first method available for uninstalling Auction Master, is to open the Control Panel on the machine you are working with, and navigating to the "Programs and Features" section. Here, you can choose "Uninstall or Change Program".

Find "Auction Master MySQL Client" in the list, select it, and click "Uninstall".  You will then be prompted to confirm you wish to uninstall; click "Yes". 

Follow the prompts, and you will have successfully uninstalled the client.

Residual Files

After uninstalling, there may be  residual files that you wish to remove. Navigate your File Explorer to "C:\ProgramData\" and delete the "AuctionMaster" folder. 

Alternatively, you can open your Start Menu and type "%programdata%" and it should open the file explorer to this directory.