The "IF Sales" module, also titled the "IF / Phone Sale Call Sale Resolution" module, is the module responsible for handling, negotiating, resolving, or rejecting pending sales. This is often used for vehicles that have not met Floor Prices but have gotten close enough that a sales representative could complete the sale with some negotiation.

Searching and Navigation


IF Sales will be located in the left panel and can be filtered by the above SaleDate and IF Sales Filter. If the list is empty, there are no IF Sales available, matching the filters set above. You may also use the search bar above the filter selection section to find specific units that may still be pending, or ones that may have already been closed. 

Working IFs

After finding the IF Sale you wish to work, select it in the left panel. Most of the unit's information will then populate in the right panel. Additionally, you will be able to review both the buyer's and seller's statistics including Total Units in auction, total bought/sold, total IFs, Sold Prices on units, Floor Prices, and Floor Price percentages. 

As you speak with the Buyer and Seller, you can log these activities by clicking the "New Update" button within the IF Sale Information section. 

From here, you can update your communications between the buyer and seller, proposals and/or bartered price requests, as well as accepting or declining pending sales.