By far, the most powerful search routine available in the auction software business, the Maintain Auction Inventory module is the primary management module for your auction's inventory. Located throughout the system for search purposes in other modules, from here, you can view, edit, or create inventory entries, set inventory units for a sale, or manage the inventory status of specific inventory units.

If you're prompted to search for a vehicle, the Auction Master Inventory search screen will appear.


You can search inventory units by Control Number, Exact Lot Number (i.e. A001 and not A1), or VIN Number. You may also use the dropdown boxes below to filter by Seller Number, Buyer Number (for Sold units), Make and Unit Status.

At the bottom of the table, you will see the navigational controls to move to the next page of units, if applicable to meet your search criteria/filters.
New Inventory

If you would like to, or if you need, you can manually add units into Auction Master by clicking the New Inventory button. This will bring up a window where you must first set the owner/seller of the unit, select the tab that suits the type of unit you are stocking in, and then entering the required information into each of the fields. For vehicles, entering the VIN number should autofill as many fields as the VIN decoder is able.

Enter Custom

Next to the Color and Interior Color fields, you may have noticed an icon. This star with a pencil will allow you to create and set custom colors, depending on how your Auction would like to list colors. Some manufacturers use special codes and names for those colors, and this functionality will allow your auction to manage those colors as simply, or as complex/official as you desire.

VIN Decoders and Decoding Services are never 100% correct all the time. Please review all information on a unit before saving to ensure it is correct before assuming the VIN Decoding service provided the correct information.


If you notice that lot numbers are not populating in your list, or that a recent change has been made is not reflecting in your table view, you can click the Refresh button to refresh the contents of the table. If this does not work, you can also refresh the page through your browser's refresh (i.e. Most of the time can be acti8vated with the F5 key) functionality. 

Column Picker

To the right of the Refresh icon is the Column Picker icon. This will allow you to decide what information is relevant in the card view or list view of your table.

Inactive Records

The eraser icon, when selected, will allow "inactive" records to appear in the list of vehicles. This includes, gatepassed, sold, or remove units as desired, in case you are searching for older, inactive inventory.

You may also choose the way you would like to view your table with the next two icons. The Card View and List View icons can be selected by the user for easier navigation at the user's preference.

The Favorites drop down is not super user friendly at this time. However, if you enter the information into the search and/or drop downs on the left, and would like to use that same filter method for future searches, you may select "Favorites", enter a name for that view, and press TAB. Once done, click the SAVE icon, and you will be able to select that view for future searches.