The Contest module, located in the Utilities category of modules, is used for giveaways and contests that an auction can hold where a winner is selected based on specific criteria and qualifiers. Some auctions offer promotional giveaways to the attendees of the sale, whether for cash or prizes, this module will compile a list of potential winners and pick one at random.

Upon opening the module, you will first be prompted to enter a sale day that information from the contest module will focus on. 

Contest List

Using the criteria below, you can click "Refresh List" when the criteria is changed to update the available pool of potential winners. The "Browse List" button will show you the potential pool of winners. 

Filters & Criteria

Sale Date

A sale date or range of sale dates must be selected as the criteria below is pulled from the selected range. 


Include Buyers - This setting will include all buyers from the selected range who have bought at least 1 unit. This will also give buyers multiple entries based on the number of units they bought. 

Include Sellers - This setting will include all sellers from the selected range who have sold at least 1 unit. This will also give sellers multiple entries based on the number of units they sold. 

IF Sales are not included in the above 2 criteria.

Include Everyone in Attendance - Gives an entry in the contest to everyone who was assigned a bid badge.

Give Dealers Equal Chance - Will limit entries to 1 per rep, regardless of the number of units bought or sold.

Pick a Car - If the entry that wins is based on a sale, the unit the sale was tied to will be listed.

Select from New & Used Dealers Only - Will remove any other type of dealer from the available winners list. 

Show Representative Name - Will show the winning rep in addition to the dealership name. 

Lot Number Range - Will restrict the contest to units that were bought and sold between the selected lot range.