The "Sale Day Manager" module is where you will create the individual sale events for each calendar day. To use this module, you must first have created Sale Definitions in the Master Configuration module in the "Sale Days" category. The respective article for this module is on this webpage



The table below will show you all sale dates that match the criteria of the filters above the table (i.e. Status & Day of Week). These filters are explained further in the table column descriptions below.


The Table here will list all created sale dates listing the status and information for each in their respective columns. 

Sale Title - This is the title name of the event that was given upon being created. 

Sale Date - This is the calendar date of the specific event. 

Has Units - This checkbox will be checked if inventory is checked into the sale date.

Status - The status of the sale (i.e. Open or Closed)

    Open - Whether current or upcoming.

    Closed - Sale Date has passed and the sale has concluded or been deleted.

Day of Week - This is the day of the week the sale is hosted on (i.e. Monday-Sunday)

Sale Day - The ID Number of the Sale Day. This is determined by the order in which the "Sale Day" was created.

Sale Def (Definition) - The ID Number of the Sale Definition. This is determined by the order in which the "Sale Definition" was created. 

Creating Sale Dates

Single Sale Date

To create a SINGLE sale date, click the "New Sale Date" button. Set the title of the individual sale, the Sale Day (Day of Week) that has been created in Master Configuration, the "Sale Definition" that was created in Master Configuration, the start date or calendar date of the sale, and the scheduled time of the event. 

Even though the "Sale Options" section below states "This Sale Only", any changes made to the lanes below (additions, deletions, or amendments) will apply to ALL events this definition is applied to. 

Multiple Sale Dates w/ Range

If you wish to create a recurring event, click "Define Sale Dates" and select the Sale Definition from the dropdown. This will then display the Schedule and Included Lanes below. Set the start Date and Through Date, and click save. This will create an event for each date that is included in the range according to the schedule.