Our Auction Client is sending promotional emails. However, a particular recipient is not receiving them, the recipient is not disabled, is on the mailing lists, and has received the emails in the past.

Ensure the email client on the recipient has the emailer domain safe-listed within their email software, ensure the domain @autoremarketers @awgremarketing is also safe-listed. Next check the clients, the email recipient, anti-virus is not blocking email from the safe-listed address.  This could be any and all anti-virus software as they have built in mail scanners and blockers.

Other Possible solutions:
1: ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking bulk emails and/or emails from the particular sender(s). Client will need to call their ISP to resolve this.
2: The email Service provider has particular domains and/or IP addressesblocked from passing email through. Client will need to call their Email Provider to ensure the senders domain is whitelisted along with, and are all whitelisted.