Solution: After looking at all transmitter setting and it is determined that all settings are correct and the transmitter says it is successfully transmitting, there are 3 things that it could be (All hardware related)
1.       The connection to the audio source (in 99% of the cases an amplifier).
2.       The cable itself may have gone bad. (usually an RCA jack or headphone jack to mini jack)
3.       Audio card or onboard audio card in computer may be going bad.
In VERY rare cases this is a possible cause, however, the symptom is very different. If the above symptom is not recognized please use the following to ascertain the cause.
Symptom: Audio is good and strong for the announcement and the first part of the first or even second vehicles. Then without “reason” the audio will cut out completely for a period of 20 to 40 seconds and then again, without “reason” go back to normal.
Solution: The auction will have to change to an audio card that is a little more “high end” to prevent this from happening again.
Please be aware that this is a design of Microsoft to protect hardware. Very rare auctioneers happen to have a pitch to their voices that will occur every once in a while during their cadence. Please know that this is NOT a volume issue but a pitch issue. When turning their voices into electrical sound that particular pitch can be a problem reproducing and the amperage that it takes to reproduce it will, over time cause damage to the sound card. Therefore Microsoft has built in a safety mechanism to cut out the card for a short period of time to “save the hardware”.  To remedy this we need to have the auction change the audio connection to a higher end card that can handle this. Once they change it out they will not have this particular occurrence again.